The Fifteen Advanced Recovery Tools,
the Basis for Effective Holistic Drub Rehab:

1 Meditation: transcending problems
2 Lifestyle: the art of balancing body and mind
3 Self-diagnosis: tuning in to the body
4 Detoxifying: the royal road to physical purification
5 Herbal healing: restoring normal neuro- and biochemistry
6 Sense therapy: balancing touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell
7 Food: the joy of eating
8 Exercise: living in the zone
9 Yoga: strength and balance through posture and breath
10 Advanced mental techniques: activating the Self

Life-patterns: seeing your life events in a bigger context

12 Intellect: discovering hidden unity
13 Group dynamics of consciousness: healing society
14 Bliss: touching the heart of life
15 Relationships: expanding love, nourishing feelings



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