alanon book on yoga, meditation and ayurveda, the mainstay of holistic drug rehab

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The 15 Advanced Recovery Tools to accelerate Al-Anon

Table of Contents

Living with an Alcoholic?

  • Learn to take care of yourself 
  • Learn the most effective traditional ways to help the alcoholic (Al-Anon and other 12 step programs, counseling, etc.)
  • Learn the latest in holistic recovery methods (meditation, yoga, and ayurveda for holistic drug rehab)
  • Stop addiction from propagating through your family

The Spiritual Recovery Manual explains how addicts and their family can use meditation, ayurveda and yoga to accelerate recovery, break through "plateau" and move on to advanced stages of recovery. It simply and clearly explains, in a language anyone can understand, how to remove mental stress, detoxify your body, and accept the experiences you are here on earth to learn through.

The book starts by reviewing experts' understanding of how addiction propagates through families and destroys our ability to be happy and healthy. It then goes on to describe a toolset of 15 holistic drug rehab tools effective for both addicts and their family. It concludes with a description of enlightenment, the real goal that we are all intuitively seeking. It is the inner bliss of Divine realization that addictive experience mimics. Providing the actual experience of enlightenment removes the root cause of addiction and codependence.

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