Incandescent Press respects the privacy of users of this site. We do not give out your email address to anyone nor will we ever rent out our email list.

Like many other businesses with a website we have had problems with spammers using our domain name as a fake return address. To deter this, we have provided the following business conditions...


Notice of license for users of Incandescent Press domain for mailings (November 30, 2012).
Incandescent Press charges for the use of its domain (a license for temporary (only) use of our intellectual property and associated good will) for bulk mailings.(We maintain and rent out NO lists of emails of users of this site). The fee for this is $10,000,000 (ten million dollars US) per week, plus $5 per email. Any use of this domain (i.e. constitutes a formal and legally binding agreement to this contract/license (we are not required to contact you and inform you of this; if you act unilaterally, you have accepted these terms; if you send out emails using our domain, you have accepted the terms of this agreement/license) and recovery of fees will be pursued in US and other country's court systems, as well as any relevant international treaties, trade agreements, or other forms of national or international cooperation. Any legal fees spent in the recovery of license fees must be paid by the licensee. If mediation or arbitration is required, all fees must be paid by licensee and reserves the right to choose the mediator/arbitrator from among suitable professionally qualified independent mediator/arbitrators. Any use of this domain for emailing--regardless of our ability to contact firms, individual, organization, etc. using this domain for emailing--will be charged at the above rate, whether you are notified or not, and use of this domain constitutes an agreement to this legally binding contract and license agreement that includes agreement to pay fees at the above rate for all use, including prior use, of the domain.

By using the IncandescnetPress domain you are, in addition, using the "good will" built up over many years by this website, the publishing house Incandescent Press, and through the sales of books, as well as, in effect, spending the future good will (through association of our name with your product, service, internet site (whether temporary or permanent) or company of

All recipient of emails using this domain, must have previously opted-in to receive an email, and records must be kept of this. No spam, or unsolicited email must be sent using this domain as the actual or implied return address. A violation of this will result in civil and criminal penalties for spamming, enforced under California Business and Professions Code Section 17529 (the law includes extending the anti-spam laws to ISPs) and federal laws (CAN-SPAM Act, 15 U.S.C. 7701 et seq.). Violators will be pursued. You may be liable for a $1,000 per email for spam activities, up to a million dollars per incident (under California law), as well as federal civil and criminal fines, penalties and jail sentences.

This contract does not limit our rights to sue for damage done to our publishing house's good name and reputation (good will) by association with products and services not in accord with the publishing house's current product and image. A waiver of this must be received in writing.

This contract will be enforced under the laws of the state of California, and any users of this domain for emailing, agree to all enforceable term of the contract/license. We reserve the right to litigate or bring civil and criminal charges in any country. Any terms of this contract/licensing agreement not enforceable in a particular state or country do not limit the other terms from validity and enforcement.

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updated March 12, 2015