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Looking for an alternative, non-12-Step program?

Would you like to recover in private, without getting in front of a group and telling everyone your business? If you are being held back from starting recovery, this approach could be for you. And, you don't have to wait until you believe you are an addict, or until you are desperate, to start improving your life. You have patterns of imbalance in your mind and body—this is common in our society—and you can heal these patterns using the approaches explained in the book.

The Spiritual Recovery Manual presents a new model for understanding addiction. This is a model that supersedes the biopsychosocial disease model for addiction. The old model is not completely thrown out, but is modified to incorporate a developmental component: you learn your way out of addiction. And how you learn your way out is clearly explained. This approach works well with all existing recovery methods and peer support groups (12 Step or not).

This groundbreaking book starts by reviewing the experts understanding of how addiction propagates through families and destroys our ability to be happy and healthy. It then goes on to describe a toolset of 15 Advanced Recovery Tools that different people can use in different ways. The book concludes with a description of enlightenment, the real goal that we are all intuitively seeking. It is the inner bliss of Divine realization that addictive experience mimics. Providing the actual experience of enlightenment removes the root cause of addiction and codependence.

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