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The 15 Advanced Recovery Tools

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The Spiritual Recovery Manual explains how addicts, codependents and adult children of alcoholics can use meditation, ayurveda and yoga to accelerate their recovery, break through "plateau" and move on to advanced stages of recovery. It simply and clearly explains, in a language anyone can understand, how to heal your mind, how to detoxify and rebalance your body, and how to understand the experiences you are here on earth to learn and grow through. This is a groundbreaking book.

The Spiritual Recovery Manual is a rich and valuable resource. It starts by reviewing experts' understanding of how addiction propagates through families and destroys our ability to be happy and healthy. It then goes on to describes a toolset of 15 Advanced Recovery Tools that different people can use in different ways. It concludes with three detailed sections of resources, and provides case studies, giving the gritty, real-life experiences of four people.

Here is how this book can help you:

  • In a 12 Step program? Doing your eleventh step and looking for a reliable, systematic, non-religious way to get a spiritual awakening? Research shows that the yogic techniques described in this book—and these techniques are very easy to learn—more than double the long-term abstinence rates of alcoholics and drug addicts. Even more impressive, research shows that the tools in the book substantially reduce drinking and drug use even of people who do not yet have an addiction or who have used these tools for reasons other than substance abuse (they may learn the tools for health reasons or for self-development). It is often said—by members of AA—that only 7% of those who attend AA meetings stop drinking. That is not a very encouraging statistic. If you are in AA or NA, and are serious about your recovery, you need to get this book.

  • In a non-12-step program, such as Women For Sobriety or Rational Recovery or LifeRing? The Spiritual Recovery Manual presents a new model for understanding addiction. This is a model that supersedes the biopsychosocial disease model for addiction. The old model is not completely thrown out, but is modified to incorporate a developmental component: you learn your way out of addiction. And how you learn your way out is clearly explained. This approach works well with all existing recovery methods and peer support groups.

  • Would you like to recover in private, without getting in front of group after group and telling everyone your business? If you are being held back from starting recovery because you don't want to air your dirty laundry in public, this approach is for you. You don't have to wait until you believe you are an addict, or until you are desperate, to start improving your life. You have patterns of imbalance in your mind and body—this is common in our society—and you can heal these patterns using the approaches explained in the book.

  • Have you experienced trauma? Or did you grow up an a severely dysfunctional or alcoholic family? If so, you have intense stress stored in your mind and body—you have dysfunctional, nonproductive coping mechanisms deeply embedded in your physiology and psychology. The Spiritual Recovery Manual will show you several techniques for reprogramming your behavior and bringing your body and mind back to a more natural and relaxed state.

  • Are you a counselor, recovery professional, or doctor specializing in addiction medicine? Stay abreast of the latest advances in evidence-based, complementary and alternative medicine. This book is your easiest and most effective way to stay up-to-date. It will dramatically improve your success rates in treating addiction. You can give this book to your clients, or you can prescribe the tools it describes.

The Spiritual Recovery Manual also explains:

How to locate an addiction treatment facility anywhere in the US.

What groups and resources are available to support you in your recovery.

How to find and choose the right counselor for you.

What is "dual diagnosis." What are the common mental health problems that accompany addiction. What resources are available to help you quickly overcome these problems.

How to get expert help to completely heal your mind and body.

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