Reader Reviews

“I spent thirty years chemically dependent, using psychedelics, cocaine and alcohol. Now, as a recovering addict, I know the importance of useful information. The practical, psychological, and physiological knowledge contained in this book is imperative in the search for a better living.”
—David H., 7 years clean and sober

“I grew up in an abusive home characterized by mental illness. My mind and body froze from the trauma. Although I cleared many of the issues and blocks using standard recovery approaches, the advanced recovery tools dramatically accelerated my progress. I felt like I was rocketing forward, while others were almost standing still. If you are in recovery, there is no greater gift you can give yourself than to read this book.”
—S.O., San Diego, California.

“Once the urge to drink or use subsides, there is still a need to transition into a workable, spiritual lifestyle that suits the individual and his or her 12-Step recovery program. This book provides the leverage for that change.”
—Steve F., 8 years sobriety

“I found this toolset to be of real use in issues around being an adult child of an alcoholic parent, not only in the strict definition of recovery as it is traditionally understood, but -- and this is the great gift of the book -- in taking my recovery to a broader, and more profound level, towards spiritual enlightenment: the "Total Recovery" with which the book culminates. I hope this book gets into the hands of people in recovery, and particularly that it is read by recovery professionals: The Spiritual Recovery Manual represents a paradigm shift in thinking about recovery.”
—Doug G.

“I am a therapist and bodyworker. I have found The Spiritual Recovery Manual very helpful, both as a professional resource and to recommend to my clients. This book is dense with practical steps people in recovery can take to heal themselves through diet, bodywork, and meditation. It goes further than most self-help books in that it ties personal recovery into healing in the world-wide context. Even though the author does not hold back his criticism of Western approaches to healing, his book is very accessible, understanding and supportive of both healers and those on the healing journey. I believe other therapists, bodyworkers and healers of all types would benefit from knowing about the book.”
therapist in Wisconsin

“Impressive and reader friendly...a solid, practical, user-oriented guide to achieving enlightenment and rebuilding a great personal life.”
—Midwest Book Review, January 2003

“A former monk and longtime teacher of meditation, yoga, and Vedic medicine, Patrick Gresham Williams offers a very Maharishi-esque program for applying Ayurvedic principles to one's recovery efforts. The Spiritual Recovery Manual is quite readable, well organized, and, on the whole, worthwhile.”
—Yoga Journal, December 2003

The Advanced Recovery Tools

The Spiritual Recovery Manual describes practical knowledge and techniques—advanced recovery tools—in fifteen areas:

1 Meditation: transcending problems
2 Lifestyle: the art of balancing body and mind
3 Self-diagnosis: tuning in to the body
4 Detoxifying: the royal road to physical purification
5 Herbal healing: restoring normal neuro- and biochemistry
6 Sense therapy: balancing touch, taste, sight, hearing and smell
7 Food: the joy of eating
8 Exercise: living in the zone
9 Yoga: strength and balance through posture and breath
10 Advanced mental techniques: activating the Self

Life-patterns: seeing your life events in a bigger context

12 Intellect: discovering hidden unity
13 Group dynamics of consciousness: healing society
14 Bliss: touching the heart of life
15 Relationships: expanding love, nourishing feelings

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