Chapter 9


In this chapter, we add nine more tools to our recovery toolbox. These techniques of vedic science not only help remove addiction but also make daily living more reliable and fulfilling.

Cover: Spiritual Recovery Manual for Addicts, Co-dependents and Adult Children of Dysfunctional Famlies

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Think back to something that made you angry -- not a little angry, but intensely furious. What happened to your body? Your heart started pounding, muscles stiffened, you clenched your teeth and tensed your shoulders. Now try to picture what happens to the cells of your body. Rage causes anger chemicals to flood into the bloodstream. When these chemicals reach the cells, they cause a hurricane of inner violence.

If this doesn't happen often, once the storm is over, the body can pick up the pieces and get on with it. However, if trauma occurs frequently, the body doesn't recover. It remains agitated. Repeated experience of a strong emotion trains the body to maintain that emotion. We end up with angry cells and a body that is always on the trigger, ready to respond with anger to almost any stimulus.

We could go through a similar scenario for free-floating anxiety, chronic depression, shame -- for any emotion. The situation is particularly intense for an adult child, because the negative conditioning lasted for decades and involved suppressed emotions. Suppressing emotions doesn't allow the body to know when the trauma is over, and thus prevents it from returning to normal-even between the storms.

Cellular Purification

We need a physical approach to remove the physical component of emotional trauma. Our past is locked in our bodies. It's not just emotions; it's everything. Wrong eating creates toxins that clog the system. Drugs and alcohol cause biochemical and neurological imbalances. Inappropriate lifestyle dissipates the body's energy. All the physical and emotional garbage stored inside the body has to be cleared out. We have to flush the residual stress-chemicals from the cells. And, we must teach the body, on a cellular and neurological level, to behave more normally and naturally...



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