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Once you are stable in your recovery and have addressed potential mental disorders, you are ready for the advanced recovery tools described throughout this book. Everyone should start by getting expert advice on balancing their mind, body, and the influences from their environment -- take advantage of meditation and ayurveda.

A Spiritual Awakening: Learn to Meditate

Transcendental Meditation is taught in five ninety-minute sessions. It must be learned personally from a qualified instructor; you can't learn it from a book. My observation is that people who try to learn a meditative technique from a book don't get quality instruction, and hence don't have depth of experience; consequently, they don't stick with it. Plus, with a book, there is no follow-up and no one to ask questions. When you first meditate, you dive deep within the mind. You have subtle experiences of an abstract nature -- ones that are completely new. You want someone experienced as a guide. Like a beginning scuba diver, you want an expert, right there next to you, taking you through the steps.

To connect to a nearby meditation center call 888-532-7686. You can also go to to learn more and to ask the organization for a teacher near you.

Detoxify and Balance Your Body

Get an ayurvedic consultation, and if you can afford it, schedule a week of panchakarma. For a referral to an ayurvedic doctor or health educator contact The Raj ( or 800-248-9050). The Raj, featured in a patient vignette in Andrew Weil's Eight Weeks to Optimal Health, is a luxury in-residence facility with just about every ayurvedic therapy you could ask for. If you can (treatment is labor intensive and therefore not cheap), spend a week, or even better two or more weeks, and do everything. Along with the physical purification programs, they can teach you meditation, yoga, and the theory of ayurveda. Their Web site describes the programs. They currently have facilities in Iowa and Massachusetts, and are in the process of opening more.

Healing Supplies

Maharishi Ayurveda Products International has a full range of body-balancing goodies including ayurvedic herbs, rasayanas (such as the antioxidant Amrit Kalash), teas, aroma oils, ghee, massage oil, and gandharva CDs. Their Web site is and their phone number is 800-255-8332. Call them and they'll send you a catalog. The Web site is worth exploring, as it includes an educational section with tips and suggestions for common disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, and other chronic health problems.

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