Chapter 11


There is a general sense, among people in recovery, about what facilitates the beginning and middle stages of recovery. Rarely does anyone understand the final stages. Many think you can't get there.

What completes recovery and fully heals the wounds of dysfunction? How do we recognize total recovery? To answer these questions, we will spend some time on three areas -- bliss, behavior, and enlightenment.

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Bliss has been misunderstood. Bliss was thought to be extreme happiness, the positive end of the spectrum of human emotions. Such a spectrum would look like this:


This is incorrect. More correct would be to say that bliss is supreme inner happiness or joy. Bliss is independent of any outside stimulation. So we could draw bliss as a point lying under the external continuum of misery-unhappiness-happiness.

However, this too, does not go far enough. If each emotion is a wave on the ocean of consciousness, then the ocean itself is bliss. Bliss is enormous; it is an inseparable attribute of consciousness. Figure 11.2 is much more accurate.


Bliss is not something we create or make; that would be pleasure. Bliss wells up of its own accord once we balance our life. Bliss results from wholeness of awareness. When we stop distracting ourselves, we notice the underlying bliss. If you follow any emotion, even depression, back to Being, you get to bliss, because Being is bliss.

Some recovery authors have dismissed bliss as if it were a transient and inconsequential whim of the mind. Sometimes bliss has been confused with giddiness or even mania. This is the folly of "experts" who have not bothered to personally examine Reality. Bliss is the result of an integrated physiology and a calm mind.

Bliss as Therapy

Bliss is pragmatic. It is healing. Bliss is the key to total recovery. Why? Because it breaks the cycle of repetitive action. Let's take a closer look at that cycle...

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